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About Us


The Founder of National Veteran Resources Michele Ladd, is the mother of 2 Veterans, and the CEO of Heroes Home Advantage, a real estate rebate program for America's heroes.

Michele's passion to "pay it forward" to America's heroes has been significant since she started her real estate company in Rochester, NY in 2010.  Michele based her company on giving each and every hero home buyer and seller 25% of her commission just to thank her local heroes for their services to our country and her community.  Michele and her team gave more than $350,000 of their own income to help these heroes.

In 2013, Michele had Realtors, Loan Officers, Title companies, Attorneys, Home Inspectors and service providers asking if she could build a national marketing program so they could participate and together her partners across the country have helped more than 6,000 heroes save more than $12,000,000 in savings and discounts.

In 2017 Michele purchased a 24 Ft RV and wrapped it with her company graphics. 

Michele had never owned an RV and with her adventurous spirit and she says God on her side, she and her little dog Chellis started traveling the country just to meet and thank American heroes for their services.  Michele calls it a labor of love as she says it can be quite challenging driving the rv , running her company in it, maintaining it, filling and emptying tanks and finding places to spend nights like Walmart and Rest Area parking lots.  In 2017 and 2018, Michele traveled more than 26,000 miles meeting heroes and thanking them for their services.

In 2019 Michele decided to help Veterans even more by sharing their stories through video interviews and to assist in finding resources to help if they suffer with injuries, PTSD, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, homelessness, drug and alcohol issues.

 Michele is reaching out to our heroes and visiting non for profit organizations around the country to experience their programs and help spread the word about these organizations.


Starting the tour on January 9, 2019 Michele started in Florida and on the first tour visited Island Dolphin Care, Mission 22, Vets Counseling Veterans, Florida 4 Warriors, Battle Borne, Lap Robes for Veterans, Truckin4Troops  and Camp4Heroes.

 Michele's mission is to visit as many of these organizations around the country as she can to help "fill the gap" in sharing all of these resources with America's Veterans.

Read our BLOG and follow Michele as she visits Veteran non for profits, Veterans, First Responders. 

 Michele shares her daily life of living in and driving a 32 FT. RV.  This is a very challenging life and Michele is attempting to make a difference in this world!

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